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Token Requester
What is the 'Token Requester'?

The Token requester offers a fast and uncomplicated way to receive a Token. It finds out the valid token of your desired mail recipient and delivers it to you as an Email

To use this service, please follow the steps described below:

First enter the Email address for which you want to receive a Token

The Requester uses it to contact the Spamkiss system, which than knows what Token that has been stored by this specific user.

Now enter your own Email address

To be able to provide you the requested token, the requester of course needs you own Email address. If you are a Spamkiss user yourself, you need to insert your valid Token too. You will have to enter your Token again for every new request as, for safety reasons we do not for store it on MyToken.

Click on the serial number that you can see on the Stamp

This image recognition is added to protect the Requester against machine queries. The constantly changing combination of figures and the use of a picture format we make sure, that only a human being is able to provide the correct answer. Without this answer the Token will not be delivered. You have got three trials. Repeated wrong answers to the question automatically leads to a temporary blocking of the address trying to receive a Token.

The request can only be send, once all three fields are filled in.

After a short time you will find an email in your mailbox containing the result of your request. This could as well be a message to inform you about the fact, the Requester service has been deactivated ether by the administrator or by the user itself. After receiving the Token you can now send you message.
Normally from now on you will be a "trusted Email relationship" and as such will be able to send email without having to enter a token for this specific address.

If the transaction has been terminated without an error, no personal data will be stored.

This procedure is great: no registration, no account is required. The risk of misuse is very low as who ever wants to receive a token needs to have valid Email address and because the requests are going directly to the Spamkiss System, which only accepts inquiries coming from the MyToken requester.

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