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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Spamkiss?
Spamkiss is a system that drastically reduces spam working after a very new principle. It does its work where spam arises, with the Spammer himself. The Spamkiss System offers the decisive difference from the widespread use of filters, which essentially deal with filtering spam already mailed. It relieves those who now pay for spam - the provider and the recipient.
Spamkiss is server-based and consists of a database in which each user has a so-called 'Kisslist'. This list contains the sender's addresses of his communication partners. An intelligent concept and an additional mechanism, the Spamkiss Token, provide for simple administration of the 'Kisslist'. Spamkiss is an uncomplicated system for the user but offers the experienced user a process that permits a quick and effective solution for even complicated application problems.
How does Spamkiss work?
If a actively uses Spamkiss mail will only be put through to his mailbox if
  • The mailadress is known and listed on his Kisslist
  • The sender uses a valid Token
Do both mail partners have to be Spamkiss Users to be able to communicate with each other?
No, Spamkiss works whether or not the mail partner uses the system.
What is the main difference between Spamkiss and Filter based systems?
Mails are no longer placed in the filters - the rejection occurs at the earliest point, even before the data load has been transferred to the mailbox. This reduces transfer volume and thus Internet costs.
Does Spamkiss only work in connection with a Token or are there other possibilities?
Once Spamkiss is activated every new mail partner -who is not jet listed on the Kisslist- has to have a valid Token to get his email transferred to the recipient using Spamkiss.
How can I become a Spamkiss user?
To become a Spamkiss user you do not need to do anything. Just get in touch with your Email provider /employer and ask whether he has implemented the Spamkiss system. Than you are able to use Spamkiss without having to do a thing.
I have a private Email address with a well-known provider and another one at my work place. My employer uses Spamkiss - does that mean that my private Email address now is protected too?
No, not automatically. My private email address is only protected, if my provider uses Spamkiss to and I have a Token for my Email address.
I have more than one address with one provider. Can I use the same Token for all of them if my provider uses Spamkiss?
Yes, that is possible.
Is Spamkiss a solution for the Virus problem too?
Spamkiss is not an anti virus system. Nevertheless most of the viruses are distributed from unknown senders. This is why the risk of getting a virus is getting far smaller using Spamkiss.

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