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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Token?
A Token is a set of signs, similar to a password, that is that enables the first contact and the delivery of an Email too a Spamkiss.
How do I use a Token?
The Token has to be integrated into the recipients email address. For example,you don't send your email to:
but to:

The Spamkiss system recognises the Token and forwards your mail to the receipient.
How can I obtain the Token from another e-mail User?
  • He informs me himself when he gives me his e-mail address.
  • It was in his inquiry mail.
  • I call him and ask.
  • I look it up on the recipient's website.
  • I use the requester on MyToken.com.
Where do I have to put in the Token?
The Token is always located in font of the @ - sign. The double - Hash (##) separates it from the name part (xxxx.xx##TOKEN@yyyyy.zzz).
Does the Token have to at the same place?
Yes, only if integrated into the Email address at the right place, it will be recognized by the system.

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